E. 185th Construction News

Latest update, 8/1/2022

Roadway work  In the next couple of weeks, the paving contractors will begin to prepare and pave the roadway on the west half of the street from Windward to Lake Erie. The road will receive an intermediate layer, but the final layer of asphalt will not be done until October or November. The surface will be “drive-able”, though there will be raised castings (metal utility access locations) that protrude slightly above the surface. The paving will not begin before Friday, August 5th, at the earliest. During the paving operation there will be very short term closures of side streets while the equipment is in front of the intersections. The adjacent side streets will be open. Once the intermediate course is installed on the roadway, work will shift to the east side of the street, likely the week of 8/15 or possibly the week 0f 8/22. Northbound traffic will move to the west half of the street, on the intermediate surface, with parking along the west curb.  Dominion continues their work at Locherie and E. 185th.

Nottingham Rail Road Bridge to Villaview work to begin August 15 Catts Construction has submitted notification that they will begin work on the south end of the project on Monday, August 15. Work will continue through mid-November. Traffic will be maintained in both directions throughout, but traffic will be shifted to the west side of the road during this first phase of work.  More details to come.

Windward to Landseer The sidewalks in front of the businesses from Windward to Landseer have been poured. The contractors are also planning to pour some more curb ramps from Windward to Lakeshore next week. 

Landseer to Cornwall The contractor also poured the center section of sidewalk between Landseer and Cornwall. The contractor will be preparing the final section along the building fronts from Landseer to Cornwall in preparation to pour this sidewalk section sometime this week. A plywood path will remain until the sidewalk is poured.

Thank you to Laura Bala for sharing weekly updates.

Planned improvements on East 185th Street, from Nottingham Road to Lake Erie, started this spring and include:

• Asphalt resurfacing of roadway pavement, including full and partial depth pavement repairs where needed. 

• Curb, sidewalk, and ramp replacement to Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. 

• Locherie Avenue, the fifth leg of the intersection with East 185th Street and Lakeshore Boulevard, will become a cul-de-sac to address safety concerns with turning movement confusion. 

• Streetscape improvements including trees, decorative brick pavers, curb bumpouts, and decorative crosswalks.

• Branding features such as gateway entrance signage and pole-mounted decorative metal banners.

• Parking lanes will remain along the corridor in available areas.

• New signage and pavement markings including bike sharrows.

• Replacement of the traffic signals at Villaview Road, Neff Road and Lakeshore Boulevard. 

• Replacement of the existing 10″ water main with a new 12″ water main from Mozina Drive to Pawnee Avenue.

Construction began in May 2022 and should conclude by Fall, 2023. Traffic will be maintained northbound throughout the project in order to prioritize ambulance traffic to Euclid Hospital. Learn more at the project’s website, east185streetscape.com

For questions about the project, contact City of Cleveland Mayor’s Office of Capital Projects, Paul Fatica, 216-664-2469.