Food For All Euclid Beach

Local food advocates are building on a promising pilot season in 2023 to bring fresh, high quality produce to the doorsteps of residents near Euclid Beach this summer, with a broader and better funded vision, and everyone is invited to be part of it.

“Over 18 weeks last summer, we worked with City Fresh to host their first Fresh Stop in Collinwood, ever. This year, we’re moving to Fridays and inviting anyone passionate about good food—making, baking, raising bees or laying hens—to make it more of a market experience,” said Morgan Taggart of Food Access Raises Everyone (FARE).

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More than three dozen households bought City Fresh shares over the summer, and as residents asked for different items, volunteers stepped up to source and sell it at affordable prices. The stop was held under a tree at the intersection of E. 159th Street and Euclid Beach Boulevard, one block north of the iconic Euclid Beach Park arch.

This summer, the farm box program will serve as the cornerstone of a wider community-led effort called Food For All Euclid Beach which will hold markets on Friday evenings from 5:30- 7 pm beginning June 21. Information and sign up nights will be held on June 7 and 14 at the same time. The market is also moving closer to Lakeshore, at E. 159th Street. Patrons will be asked to park at the Dave’s lot for the safety of those walking and using mobility assistance.

FARE and Neighbor Up members have been meeting with residents around Euclid Beach since summer 2022, when Dave’s Markets consolidated operations at their renovated store in Euclid in April of that year, and closed the store at 15900 Lakeshore. That parcel is expected to be reborn as a modern, multiuse development.

In listening to residents describe their ideal grocery shopping trip, organizers found expectations that align with those of suburban shoppers, with the added emphasis on friendly faces and a sense of community. In 2023, a group of residents came together and submitted the site to Aldi for consideration; just three days later, the company replied that there were no plans to expand here.

“There’s no big chain going to ride in here to save us, the numbers don’t work at that level, and they don’t put any value on relationships,” says Neff Road resident Erin Randel, suggesting that we look to the same kinds of assets that come together in the Scoop on Summer.

Food For All Fridays will be a place to bring them together to enjoy good food, and brainstorm. If you would like to volunteer, sell something you love to make, help with outreach, offer cooking demos, entertainment, or something else, reach out to Liz Stiles, 216-501-2496, or click here.